The Best Exotic Locations to Visit on a Budget


Thinking of traveling? Get a catalog of the best destination to visit in Malaysia. Malaysia has some incredible exotic site as well as traditional meals. That said than done, it’s clear that Malaysia is among the top most preferred place across the globe where any tourist would wish to visit. The southern Asian state is homely, calm and welcoming to any visitor. Malaysians are hospitable and love visitors as well. What’s more, the southern state is endowed with a very rich cultural system with modern as well as ancient festivals.

Taking a tour to Malaysia will not only make you experience a lifetime trip; it will also assist you appreciate cultural diversity experienced globally. There are more than five sites in Malaysia you won’t wish to bypass when touring this incredible in the southern part of Asian. Namely:

Kota Bharu

Kota Bharu is one of the exceptional sites in Malaysia. Kota Bharu is the capital town of Kelantan state. It is situated in Peninsular along the Thailand border. Kota Bharu City is an exceptional marketplace where visitors can purchase exotic Malaysian regalia as well as traditional foods. Furthermore, accessing Kota Bharu city is a walk in the park due to incredible infrastructure as well as the tax system.

Cameron Highlands

Malaysia host one of the most exceptional tourist site “Cameron Highlands”. Cameron Highlands is considered as one of the ancient tourist sites in Malaysia. Cameron Highlands located in Titiwangsa Mt. It entails aspects such as tea plantation, vast forest plantation, flower farms and many more. When you visit Cameron highland region, you will be able to experience fresh breeze emanating from the farms as well as lakes around. You’ll be able to monitor butterflies of different sizes as well as colors. Their other sites you wouldn’t wish to ignore are Kota Kinabalu.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Kinabalu town got its name from the famous Mt Kinabalu, located a few miles away. Kota kinabula is the capital city of Sabah State. Kota Kinabalu has of late been so rapidly due to its close vicinity to tourist sites like the national parks, wildlife rescue center and so forth. It is equally important to note that, the city experiences a lot tropical rainfall due to the rainforest located a few miles away. Additionally, it has exceptional hotels, restaurants and night clubs that are cheap. More importantly, all hotels and restaurant are fitted with the most recent facilities to offer you the necessary comfy you need.


It’s the largest town in Malaysia. Located in Borneo Island, Kuching is high placed, thus offering an exceptional viewing point for tourists who wish to take a sneak preview of what Malaysia looks. This incredible city is surrounded by ancient as well as modern, intriguing sites, leave alone magnificent Hotels, runways, tropical rainfall as well as pure air. As a tourist, you can derive pleasure in Kuching homely as well as hospitable environment without spending much. Malaysia is just a few miles away, please take and explore their eye-catching sceneries.

Exploring Perlis

Perlis offers exquisite range of places to visit such as KangarArau, Padang Besar
Kuala Perlis etc. Tourists visiting Perlis find paddy fields as the most common natural 
scenario among all the places. Perlis is known for its natural habitat along with its 
venomous snakes. It is often advised to tourists to maintain cautions while walking 
bare footed through shrubs, bushes or dense greenery. The paddy fields attract the 
snakes to build underground burrows as these creatures prefer cooler areas in the 
month of summer whereas some prefer to stay under rocks. Caution should be 
maintained while rock climbing as kids shouldn’t lift any rocks without consulting a 
professional or their guardians. Though, there is nothing to worry about Perlis as 
experts from all around the world have developed a special farm for venomous 
snakes. These powerful venoms extracted from snakes acts as a predominant 
factor in saving thousands of life. 
Researchers with significant experience in handling these snakes come from all 
around the world to contribute their expertise in conducting research & finding cures 
for various diseases. These snakes are provided with natural habitat so that they 
could feel themselves at home & secrete more venom for noble cause. Moreover, 
other than snake farms, Perlis also houses crocodile farm along with ponds full of 
fishes. All these farms have attracted tourists at phenomenal level as nature lover’s 
flock to such places to see these amazing creatures in their natural habitat. 

AFS MALAYSIA – Perlis Chapter oleh IzaiahGray

Perlis is also known for its Dark Caves or Gua Kelam which offers thrilling tours 
inside these caves. Adventure lover tourists love to visit such caves as they prefer 
to visit unknown places inside these caves situated at the bottom of a huge 
limestone mountain. The name Gua Kelam in Malay refers to – ‘At a foothill lies a 
dark cave’. These dark caves offers exotic experience & rejuvenates the feeling of 
thrill inside the mind of tourists. The entrances to these caves are astonishingly 
amazing. Each tourists enters the cave through a suspended bridge which itself 
attracts a sense of fear & anxiety. Though, it is a once in a lifetime moment for 
every traveler to overcome their fear & sense the excitement inside these caves. 
The monarchy of Perlis is quite different than other states of Malaysia. Unlike other 
states, the ruler is often referred as Sultan whereas in Perlis the ruler is denoted as 
the Raja. The word Raja is quite similar to the earlier rulers of the Indian sub 
continent where Raja meant the King. As per the custom in Perlis, the Raja or the 
ruler generally appoints the Chief Minister or Mentari Besar who coordinates the 
welfare of the state along with other members of the legislative assembly. The Raja 
of Perlis also appoints the cabinet ministers or members of the executive council 
who oversee the economic & financial stability of the state along with all the 
upcoming projects for modernization of Perlis. Perlis has established itself as the 
major hub for exchange of tourists internationally due to its strategic location near 
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